Standard Panels

Aluminium Housings

Every day technicians and engineers are engaged in the development of almost identical panels. But projects are under permanent time and cost pressure. We offer our customers a standardised product at an inexpensive price and with short delivery time.

The standard dimensions of NLD control panels are similar to the paper formats A3, A4 and A5. The case is of anodised aluminium. There are surface-mounted and flash mounting versions available. All models come with hinges, cylindrical lock and key. They have earthing bolts of 4 x 10 mm at the front and the back of the case

The mounting diameter of panels with prefabricated cut-outs is 22.3 mm. The installation dimension is 23.1 x 23.1 mm. Custom-made products are possible.


  • Aluminium Housing
  • Well priced
  • Short delivery times
  • Perfect concept
  • 3 Standard sizes, A5, A4, A3
  • 44 different types
  • Surface and flush mounting versions
  • Front plate fixed with hinges

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