Kingbright LEDs


Kingbright LED

Since 2001 we have enjoyed a successful cooperation with the prominent LED-manufacturer KINGBRIGHT. Today we are marketing Kingbright-LEDs, SMD-LEDs, and displays with ever increasing volumes, authorized, mainly in Germany and also other European market segments. Samples, datasheets and quotations are available on request.


The products of Kingbright, presented in the following, meet these requirements

Within the attached files we are listing all products of the new Kingbright catalogue 2019-2021.


Kingbright SMD LED von NLD Electronic

Wired LEDs

Kingbright Bedrahtete LED von NLD

Circuit Board Indicators

LED circuit board indicators Kingbright von NLD

IR and Photo

NLD bedrahtete LED IR und Photo Kingbright

LED Displays

LED bedrahtete Displays Kingbright von NLD

Technical Information

Technische Informationen zu Kingbright Produkten von NLD

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