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Decades have passed since the first red LEDs were used in electric appliances to show that they were in operation. Today a modern signalling and indicator technology without light-emitting diodes is no longer imaginable. Even in the lighting industry LEDs play an increasingly significant role.

As a franchised distributor of SunLED, we distribute the optoelectronic product range of this well-known manufacturer on a European-wide basis. In Germany NLD is the exclusive partner of SunLED.

The SunLED Company Ltd., Hong Kong, established in 1989, has become a premier Leader in the optoelectronic industry. SunLEDs three manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzehn, China with an employee base over 3000 people. To meet the increased international demand, SunLED established a Malaysian office in 1991 and an office in the USA in 1995.

If you click on the SunLED logo, you will be directed to the website of SunLED.

Please note:
In the USA SunLED’s distribution company puts an ”X” in front of every article number. The manufacturer himself doesn’t do so. We, as a contracting distributor of SunLED, who obtain the products directly from the manufacturer, also do not encode products with an ”X”.

XZMDK45WT [article number USA branch / www.sunledusa.com]
ZMDK45WT [manufacturer article number / www.sunled.com]
Apart from that, the ”X” doesn’t define any product characteristic.

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