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We are a medium sized global company in the field of optoelectronic products. In close cooperation with our customers, we design, manufacture and distribute light sources for indicator and annunciator systems, for example:

 Based LEDs for incandescent lamp replacement
 LED panel mount indicators

Moreover we specialize in the development, design and manufacture of new opto-electronic products for custom lighting solution.

Our product range is completed with selected trading products:

 LEDs and Displays
 Miniature Incandescent and Neon Lamps
 Xenon-, LED- Beacons and Electronic Sirens
 Standard Panels

With our headquarters and production facilities in Grünstadt (Germany) we provide of a network of selected dealers and also work directly with many OEMs and end users. Leading manufacturers of indicators and annunciators, illuminated pushbuttons and automotive equipment form part of our customer base.

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